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Progital Academy Product & Project Management Bootcamp

Learn the A-Z of Product & Project Management, secure an internship, and benefit from our career development and mentorship program to land a role in less than 6 months. No prior experience required!

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UK employers prioritize candidates with real skills and work experience, not just certificates. Gain both with our expert training bootcamp

What is Product & Project Management?

Product & Project Management is a dynamic field with high-demand skills across the tech industry…

It is the art of strategically guiding a product from conception to market success. It’s part detective (finding out what customers truly need), part diplomat (keeping everyone happy), and part superhero (saving the day with innovative solutions).

With this bootcamp, you’ll learn to develop groundbreaking products that change lives and also gain the skills and experience to land a flexible and high-paying job.

  • Overview: Definition, significance, and the role of a Product/Project Manager.
  • The Product Life Cycle: An in-depth look from ideation to sunsetting.
  • Who is a Product/Project Manager
  • Required skills Product/Project Managers need to thrive
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Product/Project Manager
  • Different phases involved in product development lifecycle
  • Product development lifecycle vs product lifecycle
  • Product development lifecycle for different type of products
  • Key roles of PMs in each life cycles
  • Market Research: Techniques and tools to understand market needs.
  • Importance of conducting market research
  • Types of research at the different phases of a product development Lifecycle.
  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum Methodology
  • Introduction and exploration of The Kanban Method, Agile Project
  • Working with Cross-functional Teams: Collaborating with engineering, design, and marketing.
  •  Agile and Scrum Basics: Understanding iterative development.
  • Writing Effective User Stories: Translating requirements into actionable tasks.
  • Creating Product/ Software documentation -PRD’s
  • Backlog Management: Prioritizing and maintaining the product backlog and Sprint Planning and Review:
  • Efficiently planning work cycles and reviewing progress.
  • Stakeholder Management: Communicating effectively with stakeholders.
  • Real-world case studies.
  • Hands-on projects and simulations.
  • Group work and presentations.

5 Months | 20 Weeks

3 Classes per week

Time commitment: Approximately 6 hours per week

This bootcamp is designed for: 

  • Individuals transitioning from a non-tech role to a tech role.
  • Tech individuals who would love to skill up
  • Freshers who have yet to have a taste of both worlds.
  • Individuals looking to upgrade to a Global Talent Visa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an online bootcamp?

 Yes it is! All trainings will be held virtually and you will get access to all the recordings.

 All you need is a device with stable internet connection, no experience is required.

The bootcamp costs £599.99 if you pay outrightly or £199.99/month if you choose to spread the payment with the first 3 months.

Yes you receive a certificate upon completion of the bootcamp! You also get the opportunity to intern with a UK-based company.

The bootcamp is 5 months long (20 weeks) and the duration covers the training, projects and internship.

The Product & Project Management cohort begins in July 2024 but the registration window closes as soon as the class is fully booked.

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Kindly fill in your details, ✏️